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During the first part of 1974, a group of interested Norwegians and American citizens of Norwegian descent decided to organize a Sons of Norway Lodge on the Monterey Peninsula. Aasgaarden Lodge #112 was organized and officially recognized by District #6 on June 1, 1974.

The first board meeting was held in the Royal Inn, Monterey, California, on Thursday, 13 June 1974, at 8:30 p.m. Those in attendance were KARIN KING, NICK LODHILLER, ANNIS ANDERSEN, KATHERINE R. MAURER, TOVE BRODSLEY, DAVID BORSETH, CHARLES MATHISEN, JEANNE MATHISEN, HANS SKAALEGAARD, ROBERT BRODSLEY, and A. V. ANDERSON. JOE AMES and FRANK KOHN, 6th District Representatives, were present at this meeting to assist the local attendees in conducting their initial meeting. Mr. Ames conducted the meeting. Mr. Ames suggested that the Monterey Peninsula Sons of Norway Lodge could have their own club on an informal or formal basis, according to the wishes of the members. He further stated that the important things are to have a well-run, happy club and to attract new members. Mr. Ames distributed badges to be worn at the Lodge affairs and manuals to potential officers for study.

NORDAHL GRIEG SONS OF NORWAY LODGE #52, Nordahl Hall, 580 W. Parr, Los Gatos, California, was selected as sponsor, and its members agreed to assist in the organization, obtaining the Lodge Charter, and any other ways that would be helpful. KARIN KING, the acting president, proposed names for the new Lodge and all were encouraged to submit other names, keeping in mind that the names of sister lodges or clubs in the district or of living persons may not be selected. Two delegates from this Lodge may be sent to regional and national conventions and all members in good standing are invited to attend.

Donations to assist the Monterey Peninsula Sons of Norway Lodge in its initial organization were received from ROALD AMUNDSEN LODGE #48, 770 Darina, Sacramento, California, and WELHAVEN LODGE #87, 1150 Arroyo Avenue, San Carlos, California.

The attendees decided to hold Lodge meetings on the second Friday night of every month. The place of the meetings will be at the House of Four Winds, Monterey, California. The first Lodge meeting will be held on Friday, July 12, at 7:30 p.m. Board meetings will be held when called by the president at a place to be designated. There were sixty charter members and Karin King was the first lodge President. It was suggested that a club historian be appointed to establish and maintain the history of the Lodge.

On July 19, 1974, the name, Aasgaarden Lodge #112, which means "Gods Abode," was chosen by lodge members by majority vote.

On February 21, 1975, the membership voted to name our newsletter Aasgaardsreien. This name goes back to Norse mythology when the Gods traveled on horseback from realm to realm (Valhalla, Folkvang, etc.) within Aasgaarden. The famous poem Aasgaardsreien was written by Joan Sebastian Welhaven and published in 1844. There is also a well known painting about Aasgaardsreien done in 1872 by P. N. Arbo, which hangs in the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway.